Continuing Support

Everyone who completes any of our classes on Agile, Scrum or Design Patterns receives exclusive, individualized support after the training to ensure continued success with the material.

Your instructor, David Bernstein, is available during weekly office hours to answer your questions via e-mail, phone or video conference. David also can provide additional resource bibliographies, continued training-path recommendations and other customized support for your Agile-implementation needs.

Since we understand the importance of being able to apply what you’ve learned, we supply a large assortment of optional exercises, for you to complete on your own, that will extend your mastery. If you need help with them, just contact us to learn more.

Customized Coaching

For graduates who want to explore these subjects more thoroughly, Techniques of Design also offers additional coaching options, both remotely and in person. Our coaching clinics show individuals or small groups how to apply the principles and practices covered in class to your organization’s specific situation and requirements. Contact us to learn more.