Certified ScrumMaster – Certified Scrum Developer

Dual Certification Week


This comprehensive week of training, in which you’ll learn the skills for successful Scrum development, starts with the 2-day Certified ScrumMaster workshop with Bob Hartman of Agile for All and concludes with the 3-day Scrum Software Development Essentials workshop with David Bernstein of Techniques of Design. Together they fulfill the Scrum Alliance’s training requirements for becoming a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Scrum Developer (CSD).

Bob and David are big believers in learning through experience. During the Certified ScrumMaster workshop you will take part in over 20 exercises and simulations that will teach you the basic Scrum framework, demonstrate Scrum in action and show how you can use Scrum to build a product in sprints. In the Scrum Software Development Essentials workshop you will learn how to build the core of an application using expert-level techniques for rapidly writing quality software.


Completing these immersive courses will enable you to:
Agile Architecture and Development Slide

  • Accurately estimate development tasks
  • Write stories and build features in sprints
  • Facilitate each type of Scrum meeting
  • Use test-first development to drive design
  • Work effectively with legacy code
  • Employ techniques that reduce defects
  • Quickly implement design alternatives
  • Collaborate more smoothly with other team members
  • Understand the Scrum framework and its roles, artifacts and ceremonies
  • Recognize the key differences between Scrum and waterfall development
  • Lead a Scrum team to plan, estimate and prioritize their backlog
  • Establish standards and practices for rapidly building quality software
  • Avoid upfront overdesign and practice just-in-time design
  • Identify and correct potential impediments to Scrum success


This training is for all team members including architects, designers, developers, development managers, product managers, software engineers/programmers, testers, technical analysts, technical leads, and QA engineers. Familiarity with basic Object-Oriented (OO) concepts and terminology, the ability to write simple programs in Java using Eclipse is recommended.

Agile Architecture and Development Slide
Certified ScrumMaster Workshop (Monday and Tuesday): Covers lean principles; Scrum values; Scrum framework; artifacts; estimation and planning; coaching and facilitation. See the Certified ScrumMaster full course description

Scrum Software Development Essentials Workshop (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday): Covers continuous integration; engaging in pair programming; coding standards; test-first development; OOAD revisited and revised; discovering design patterns; conducting code reviews; essential Scrum developer practices; writing testable code; advanced testing techniques; refactoring legacy code; emerging solutions. See the Scrum Software Development Essentials full course description


Bob HartmanBob Hartman is one of only a few people who is both a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Scrum Coach. Bob has extensive experience in both training and coaching Scrum teams at organizations including HP, Pearson Education, Starz Entertainment Network, Western Union, Weyerhaeuser, Siemens, Arapahoe County, CO and the University of Iowa. He draws on this broad experience to help attendees leave his workshop with the confidence they can start a project right away. If you are already on a Scrum team you will leave knowing how to do it well and how to help your team achieve a higher level of success.

David BernsteinDavid Bernstein has used his passion for improving software design and construction to train more than 6,000 developers on how to implement Agile practices. A longtime consultant to IBM, David trained software engineers globally, giving them the skills to write the next generation of applications and operating system software, while earning one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the history of IBM education. David’s clients have included Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Boeing and Vanguard. Over the past five years, he has specialized in training Agile software development skills.


These courses are part of the Certified Scrum Developer Training Week and satisfy the training requirements for becoming a Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Developer. See http://techniquesofdesign.com/training/faq for details.

Become a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) in just 5 days!
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